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Bramble Whiskey

Here is a great recipe for prepared X-mas gift givers, whiskey lovers and those who like to be a bit adventurous with mixing flavors. And what is even better is that this is as simple a recipe as it gets, its easy on wallet too.

What you need to make this recipe.....


  • 1 Pound of Brambles

  • 1 Litre of Whiskey (Quality doesn’t matter here, the cheaper the better)

  • 1 Pound of Sugar


  • 1 Sieve

  • Clip and Close air tight tub

  • 1 Large Stock Pot

  • Muslin Cloth

  • 2 - 3 Kilner Mason Jars (Depending on how you divvy it up at the end)

  • 1 Funnel



  1. Wash your brambles in a sieve under cold water to remove any dirt, bugs etc.

  2. Put the washed berries in to the clip and close tub along with the whiskey and sugar.

  3. Put the lid on the tub and shake until the sugar is partially dissolved.

  4. Plac

e in a cool, dark cupboard for 6-8 weeks at least.

- The longer you leave it the better. When I tried it I left it for 3 months in my shed.


  1. After your booze has been infusing for some months, remove the lid from the air tight tub and sieve the whiskey into the large stock pot to remove the berries from the liquid.

  2. The berries will be full of booze having been left in the whiskey for that length of time so we want to squeeze as much of it out as we can. So in small batches take some berries in the muslin cloth and squeeze the liquid out of them in to the stock pot with the rest of the whiskey until you are left with just a berry pulp. Bin the pulp.

  3. Wash the muslin cloth and strain the liquid through the cloth once more to remove any fine pieces of sediment which may have been missed when you strained it before.

  4. Using the funnel decant the whiskey into your Kilner Jars and screw the lid on tight.

  5. Add a label to the jar and you’ve ready to either share the fruits of your labor or keep it for a cold winters night.

The end product tastes remarkably like ribenna and is best served neat over ice. This is a great simple and cheap recipe for those looking to give a more personal gift this X-mas. It does take some patience as the blend infuses but trust us, it’s well worth it!!

Let us know how you get on with this one and if you have any recipes, hints or tips which you would like us to share on your behalf, make sure to get in touch.

All the best and take care,

The team at DIY.

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