The Rubber Band Trick 


This is a really simple tip which minimizes waste and makes clean up a breeze.


What you will need: 


 - Rubber bands 

 - A tin of paint 

 - Paint Brushes




Simply wrap a rubber band around the paint tin vertically and wipe the paint brush against the rubber band before painting to get rid of any excess paint. 


This is a really simple, yet effective tip since any excess paint drips staight back into the paint tin and not down the sides, which often causes a mess. It also ensures that all excess paint goes back into the tin which is a more efficient way to get maximum coverage out of your paint given the lack of waste. The tin can also be easily re-sealed now with this trick too since there isn't a build up of paint around the edge. 


Clean up is simple too, just remove and bin the rubber band when finished. 


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