Butt Hinges 


Description: Also known as a mortice hinge, butt hinges are a bearing which connects two pieces of material together and allows for rotation between them. Given the make up of these hinges, a rebate, or mortice, is required when fitting them. 


Available in: Brass and Steel 

              Various sizes from 25mm - 150mm


Ideal for: These types of hinges are most commonly used for hanging doors. Perfect for heavier doors given their load bearing quality. 

Flush Hinge 


Description: These hinges preform the same task as butt hinges, yet given their composition they do not require a rebate prior to fitting.  


Available in: Brass and Steel 

              Various sizes from 25mm - 150mm


Ideal for: Flush hinges are not as robust and hard wearing as butt hinges, but they are still ideal for hanging lightweight doors and for hinging a box.  



We have an extensive range of ironmongery at DIY, with something to suit all needs. Our range comes in a variety of different materials including zinc plated, galvanised ,brass, chrome and epoxy coating. We have listed some of the most common items below, with a brief description and where each can be used. 

Rising Butt Hinges 


Description: These hinges are the same a butt hinges but they are manufactured with a swivel caste into the barrell of the hinge. 


Available in: Brass and Steel 

              Various sizes from 25mm - 150mm


Ideal for: These hinges are used when a door has to be raised when opening to clear the floor because there may be a small step, for example. 

Tee Hinge 


Description: These hinges have one half similar to a butt hinge and the other is a long progecting arm with screw holes along it for fixing. They come in weather resistant materials to ensure against corrosion given they are generally used outdoors. 


Available in: Zinc Plated and Black Epoxy coatings and various sizes. 



Ideal for: These are the traditional hinges used for hanging cottage doors, garage doors and gates. 

Hook & Band Hinge


Description: These hinges are similar to Tee hinges yet are just a bit more heavy duty and robust. They are available in either straight or cranked settings. 


Available in: Zinc Plated and Black Epoxy coatings 



Ideal for: Since these are a more heavy duty hinge and bear a greater load, they are ideal for field gates and heavier items. 

Hasp & Staple


Description: These are hinged metal straps which rotate to connect with a staple to secure closed/open  a door or lid. They are often held closed in place by a padlock or pin. You get various variations of hasp and staple including wire, heavy duty and cylinder locking. 


Available in: Epoxy Black, Brass & Zinc plated and various sizes. 



Ideal for: These are an ideal solution for securing closed/ open a door or lid, such like a shed door, for example.  



Cabin Hook 


Description: This is a hooked bar which is attatched to a staple which can be fixed on to a door frame. The hook is used to connect with a seperate eye which is attatched to door and its purpose is to hold the door either open or closed.  


Available in:  Various sizes ranging from 75mm - 200mm. Finishes include: Black Jappaned, Brassed and Zinc Plated.



Ideal for: Often used on boats to prevent doors from banging, but they are also ideal for interior doors and shed doors alike. 

Other Ironmongery Items 


Here are some of the various other ironmongery items which we keep in stock at the shop, although this is by no means the entire range we have available. These don't come with information about where they are ideal for, however, if you have any queries just give us a call or pop in to the shop for some advice. 

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