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Dressed red pine, it's the most commonly sought after timber by both Tradesmen and DIY-ers alike, so it's a good thing then that we have quite a stock of the stuff.

Why not have a quick browse through our most popular pine ranges, where they can be used, and then get in touch with us to discuss your next project.

Red Pine Dressed - RPD


What is it? Our dressed red pine is sourced from Scots Pine, pinus sylvestris, grown in Finland. The reason we use this timeber is because it is slowly grown which allows for a stronger, more resillient timber which has a longer lifespan and a superior finish.  It is kiln dried to obtain a moisture content which is in accordance with European Standards and varience and shrinkage allowance which meets International Standards. 


Ideal for: Given the composition of this material, RPD is best suited for furniture, joinery and general building purposes.   


Lengths available: This timber generally comes in 4.8m legnths 


Thicknesses available: 12mm, 20mm, 33mm, 45mm, 57mm and 70mm


Widths available: 33mm, 45mm, 70mm, 95mm, 120mm, 145mm and 175mm.* 


*Note: not all width and thickness combnations are available, and some items will be special order. Check in store for availability. 

Rounded on 1 edge - R1A 


What is it? This product is made from the same timber as that described above, a high quality and durable red pine. Its unique feature is the single rounded, or bullnose, edge. 


Ideal for: Skirting and facing around interior floors. 


Lengths available: This usually comes in 4.8m lengths. 


Thicknesses available: 12mm 


Widths available: 33mm, 45mm, 70mm, 95mm, 120mm and 145mm. 



Rounded on 2 edges - R2A


What is it? Manufactured from our Scandinavian sourced pine. This product has two rounded edges on it. 


Ideal for: Facing around door frames 


Lengths available: This usually comes in 4.8m lengths. 


Thicknesses available: 12mm 


Widths available: 45mm, 70mm, 95mm and 120mm.


Moulded Facing/Skirting 

What is it? Also manufactured from our dressed red pine, this item comes with a decorative moulded edge for a fancier finish. 


Ideal for: Skirting around a room and around doorways


Legnths available: This usually comes in 4.8m lengths. 


Thicknesses available: 12mm and 15mm 


Widths available: 70mm, 95mm, 120mm, 145mm and 170mm.*


*Note: not all width and thickness combnations are available, and some items will be special order. Check in store for availability. 



What are they? Also made from dressed red pine, these timber items come in a variety of different designs and patterns for use in different places. We machine some items on premises as well as stock Burbidge mouldings too. 


Ideal for: Mouldings are ideal for adding a finishing decorative finish to most jobs. The product range we stock is so vast there will be something to suit all needs. 


Sizes available: Given the variety and choice there are many different sizes available. Most come in either 4.8m or 2.4m lengts. Check in store for more details 


Tongue & Groove Cladding 


What is it? Also made from our Finnish sourced red pine, this product is moulded with a tongue and groove feature which assists you when covering an area since the pieces of timber will simply slot together. Given the quality of the timber we use, this item is resillient outdoors and will bear the test of time well. This product is also known as 'Weatherboard'  


Ideal for: The unique shape moulded into the pine makes it ideal cladding buildings including sheds and out buildings. 


Sizes available: 12mm x 115mm boards are available in stock, these tend to come in 4.8m lengths.* 



* Other sizes may be available to order. Check in store for details. 


This is only a small selection of the interior timber which we stock. We also have a selection of hardwood to choose from too. If you can't find what you are looking for here, pop into the shop for a chat and we will get you sorted with something.  

 The Environment 

As a renewable raw material, timber is diverse in its potential applications and is more environmentally friendly than most alternatives. However, it is paramount that it is sourced responsibly and in a sustainable manner otherwise you are left with deforested pieces of land, which has an adverse impact on the environment. That is why we only deal with accredited dealers who forest the timber in an ethical manner. 

Interior Doors

We also supply a wide range of interior doors, in a whole host of sizes. Given our limited storage capacity, however, we are unable to keep all of them them in stock. Yet, we get weekly deliveries from our suppliers and will deliver them for free to you when they come in so pop in and check our catalogue to find a door which suits you.* 


*T&C's apply to free delivery. See 'Local Delivery' page for more details. 


Because not everyone
has a transit van to hand.

Find our more about our free local delivery service here. 


Metres, millimetres,  

feet or inches. Whatever

the measurement

we will cut it. 

Find out about our free timber cutting service here. 

Find out more about the great additional timber services we offer to all of our customers. 

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