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Hand Tools 


On this page, we have listed some of the most commonly used hand tools we sell to give you and idea of what we have as well as a bit of info about them too. We have split this section in to the following segements: Screwdrivers, Woodworking tools, Hammers and Saws.

This is only a fraction of the items we keep in stock, so if there is something you are looking for advice on and you can't see it here, give us a call and we would be more than happy to help.  




These small tools look like screwdrivers but are used to create small pilot holes which make screwing a screw in to a piece of wood a little easier. This is achieved since it has a sharp pointed tip which is used to bore a small hole. 

Woodworking Tools 



Here is some of the information about the range of different screwdrives we keep in stock. You get 3 main types of screwdriver tips and they will be explained below. 


Slotted: These screws aren't so common now. One piece of advice is that you ensure the screwdriver fits the slot of the screw otherwise you risk damaging the screwhead and make it difficult to extract the screw 



Phillips: The cross-headed design of the phillips screw allows for secure traction when driving the screw in. The rounded corners on the cross design is an added feature which prevents over tightening. 



Pozi: Very similar in appearence to phillips screwheads, the pozi is in fact quite different. This screw does not have the rounded corners like the phillips head, instead has four additional points of contact. This feature allows for significant torque to be used when driving the screw in. Most screws made today are pozi heads. 


It is important to know what screwhead you are working with, otherwise you run the risk of ruining the screwhead, making it more difficult to extract the screw, which is a pain if it happens. 


Most of our screwdrivers come with a magnetic tip, which is a cool feature since it can hold the screw in place as you drive it in, makingt the job less fiddly. 

Combination Gauge 


This wood working tool has a multi-function purpose. One feature is realised through the dual pin side which can be set to mark out mortices on timber. The other side with the single pin is mainly used to scribe tenons and dovetail shoulder lines. 

Sliding Bevel Gauge 


This adjustable tool is used to set angles on timber or metal. They can be used to set and angle before mitering a corner when making a picture frame, for example. 


Ball Pein Hammer 


With its main use being for metal work (the rounded surface), this hammer has also became the tool of choice when striking punches and chisels (usually with the flat surface).


Claw Hammer 


Mostly used for hammering and extracting nails from wood, this hammer is by far the most popular type we sell. 


We have a range of different brands and sizes in store for you to choose from. 

Rubber Mallet 


Given the large rubber head on this tool, it is often used when on heavy duty jobs, where a more gentle impact is required. For example, a metal hammer may leave marks on a piece of metal where a rubber mallet will not. This tool is also often used by wood workers for this reason, it isn't as rough on the timber as a metal hammer would be. 


Various other saws are available in store 

We keep a much larger range in store, and have an even wider range available to order, most next day! So pop in to the shop and see what else we have on offer

This is only a small selection of hand tools

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