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Exterior Timber 

We may not like to admit it, but Scotland is a wet country. This means that timber which is to be used outside should be treated to protect it from the elements. Below you will find a selection of our exterior timber range, as well as some info on the treatment used. If you have any questions about this range, or just a general question, give us a call and pick our brains. 


Timber selection

Sarking Board 


What is it? Legnths of off-sawn softwood which have undergone the weatherproofing treatment detailed below. 


Ideal for: Given the widths of this item, sarking is ideal for fencing.  


Sizes available: 


    Lengths: This item is generally supplied in 4.8m lengths,                however this may vary slightly depending on                      supplier. 

    Widths: 75mm, 100mm and 150mm 

    Thicknesses: 15mm and 19mm*


*Note: not all width and thickness combinataions are available, check in store for details. 

Off-Sawn Posts  


What are they? Square pieces of treated timber which come supplied pointed or unpointed. 


Ideal for: Fencing purposes. 


Sizes available: 75mmx 75mm or 100mm x 100mm 


  75mm - 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.4m, 3m 

  100mm - 2.4m, 3m, 3.6m* 


*Note: Some items may be special order. Check in store for availability. 



What is it? Decking is one of our most popular product ranges. Our decking is made using only the best European Redwood, and preserved using Osmose Naturewood, a modern copper based preservative system. Copper is an effective and widely used fungicide, which protects your decking from decay and insects. Check out the information below to find out more about the treatment used. 


Ideal for: It is a cost-effective way of extending your home outdoors and offers the space to entertain; allows the children to play or simply relax on and enjoy your garden.


Sizes available: Regular lengths stocked are 3.6 and 4.8m*. 28 x 144mm is the stock size, however, 28 x 120mm can be ordered. 


* Other lengths may be available to order. 

CLS (Canadian Lumber Standard)


What is it? This is a softwood regularised timber with rounded edged which allows for easy handling. This timber comes with a treatment to prolong its life and protect against rot and insect attacts. 


Ideal for: This item is primarily used in construction work for jobs such as partitioning, house extensions, loft conversions, suspended decking, framing for a shed etc. The treatment used on the timber makes it ideal for these jobs. 


Sizes available: It generally comes in 4.8m (16ft) lengths and is available in either 2" x 3" or 2" x 4" sections. 


This item can be cut to size, however the whole length has to be purchased. 

Tile Baton 


What is it? Thin strips of off-sawn treated timber. 


Ideal for: Mainly used when tiling a roof, it can also be used on sheds when felting. Other uses include buidling trellis.  


Sizes available:


    Lengths: This item is generally supplied in 4.8m lengths,                however this may vary slightly depending on                      supplier. 

    Widths: 38mm 

    Thicknesses: 10mm and 19mm

Treated Off-Sawn Sections 


What are they? Sections of off-sawn treated softwood.


Ideal for: All outdoor purposes and indoor purposes where aesthetics are not a priority. 


Sizes available:


    Lengths: This item is generally supplied in 4.8m lengths,                however this may vary slightly depending on                      supplier. 

    Widths: 38mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm,                    225mm and 250mm*   

    Thicknesses:22mm, 25mm, 38mm and 50mm


*Note: Not all width and thickness combinations are available. Please check in store for more details. 

The Treatment 

Untreated, dried timber is first loaded into a large cylinder tank where a vacuum is applied and all of air extracted from the tank. The treatment tank is then filled with a water based preservative. Once filled, hydraulic pressure is applied to the tank, this enables the preservative to penetrate the timber allowing the product to reach the desired treatment class. There are various classes of timber treatment depending on where the end-product timber is to be used. After a set amount of time, another vacuum is applied to the tank to extract the remaining, unabsorbed treatment. Finally the low pressure inside the timber allows for the treatment to be absorbed even further into the wood, thus allowing for even better protection. The timber is removed from the tank and left to dry before being passed on to the final consumer.  Initially this treatment leaves the timber a green colour given the copper used in the treatment. This will eventually fade over time turning the product a silvery/grey colour as the timber weathers. This change in colour does not mean that the timber is any less protected than it was when it was green. It is simply the wood adjusting to its surroundings. 


So why is this treatment so important? Simply put, it greatly prolongs the service time of the timber when it is used outdoors. The treatment protects against wood decay, rot and insect attack. If it weren't to have this treatment, you would find that you would be replacing fencing and decking every few years. Furthermore, some timbers have a greater absorption rate than others, pine (which we use) is a naturally absorbent timber hence soaks up the treatment better than other timbers. 


Fencing Panels

We also supply a wide range of fence panels, including Waney and Square edge, in a whole host of sizes. Given our limited storage capacity, we are unable to keep them in stock. However, we get weekly deliveries of them and will deliver them for free to you when they come in.* 


*T&C's apply to free delivery. See 'Local Delivery' page for more details. 

Now you've gotten an idea of the exterior timber we stock and why the treatment used is so essential, why not come in and see us to get your next project started? 


Because not everyone
has a transit van to hand.

Find our more about our free local delivery service here. 


Metres, millimetres,  

feet or inches. Whatever

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we will cut it. 

Find out about our free timber cutting service here. 

Find out more about the great additional timber services we offer to all of our customers. 

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