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Decorating Products


Which paint brush is right for your project? What kind of wall scraper are you after? Telling the difference between some products can be troublesome, so we have listed below some of the most popular decorating products and their main uses to help ease confusion. Cant see what you're looking for? Let us know and we will be happy to help. 

Mini Foam Rollers 


Product description: These mini rollers are made from a high density foam to ensure a smooth and even finish is achieved when painting smooth surfaces. 


Ideal for: All oil based solvent paints and varnishes such as gloss paint and primer on smooth surfaces. 

Mini Furry Rollers


Product description: These mini furry rollers are made of mohair and provide a good absorption of paint to ensure an even coverage on smooth and lightly textured surfaces.


Ideal for: Use with varnishes and satin and gloss paints with a low visocity on lightly textured surfaces. 

We also stock a range of interior and exterior, wood, metal, tile and masonry paints in store. Call or pop in to check availability. 

Bloc Brushes


Product description: A large brush with dense bristles designed for general purpose use both indoors and outdoors. It comes with a handy clip to attatch it to a bucket or paint pot when not in use. These brushes come in a range of small, medium and large sizes. 


Ideal for: Great for use with most paints and ideal for those jobs which cover a large area. Also good for exterior woodcare paints and stains. 

Smoothing Brush 


Product description: A wooden handled brush with multiple layers of long soft bristles, most commonly used for hanging wall paper. Most common size is roughly 8".


Ideal for: This brush is great for use indoors, most commonly used for hanging wallpaper. 

Sugar Soap 


Product description: Sugar soap is the traditional surface cleaner used to prepare surfaces before painting of pasting. It comes in liquid or flake form.


Ideal for: This product is suited for preparing any surface before decorating to ensure maximum adhesion. It is also a fantastic general household cleaner and can be used to wet old wallpaper to make its removal a little easier. 

Combination Shavehook 


Product description: This tool comes with a multi-faceted surface including a point and beveled edges and a long shaft to get in to those hard to reach area. 


Ideal for: Shavehooks are ideal for getting in to those difficult to reach corners and intricate surfaces when removing old paint, varnish or wallpaper before applying the new stuff. 

Filling Knife 


Product description: Filling knifes are made from flexible stianless steel and are designed to achieve a smooth, professional finish when filling cracks and holes. They come in a range of sizes (25mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm), and can have either plastic or wooden handles. 


Ideal for: Their flexibility makes filling knives ideal for use with various fillers and provide the ideal solution to achieve a smooth and professional finish during the preperation stage of decorating. 

Wall Scraper  


Product description: Although they look similar, unlike the filling knife, the wall scraper is a more robust decorating blade. It comes with a hardened blade which is more ridgid than the filling knife. It too comes in a range of sizes (50mm - 100mm) and is available with either a wooden or plastic handle.


Ideal for: The ridigity of these knifes make them perfect for removing wallpaper during the preperation stage of decorating. Why not wet the paper with sugar soap before to make the job even easier? 

Maisonry Brush   


Product description: This is wide a long bristled brush, it is most commonly available in 100mm wide and is characterized by its natural and synthetic bristle mix which contributes towards a more even coverage and plastic, easy to clean handle.  


Ideal for: Maisonry brushes are the perfect brush for applying paint to exterior maisonry given their wide face which makes painting large surfaces an easier task. The bristle legnth ensures that all nooks and crannies get an equal coating of paint too.

Can't see what you're looking  for? 

We've only listed a few things here, we have a much larger range in-store, so if you can't see what you're after here come in and see us and get some advice on the best tool for your project. 



*Products shown here may slightly vary in apperance from the items stocked in-store depending on which supplier is used at the time you visit. 

Check out this link for useful decorating hints and tips designed to make your life a little easier when sprucing up the place. 

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